Finding Balance: Pelvic Movement Patterns in Distance Runners

athlete injury prevention physical therapy running training Nov 17, 2023

Hello Distance Runners!

As you strive for peak performance in your running endeavors, one often overlooked aspect can significantly impact your efficiency and running mechanics: pelvic movement patterns. Your pelvis plays a vital role in maintaining stability and balance during distance running. Understanding and optimizing your pelvic movement can elevate your running experience.

Here's why it matters:

  1. Proper Hip Mobility: Balanced pelvic movement allows for adequate hip mobility, contributing to longer strides and increased running efficiency.

  2. Alignment and Posture: Optimal pelvic movement helps maintain proper alignment and posture, reducing the risk of muscle imbalances and injuries. (Check out our blog post about running posture as well!)

  3. Core Activation: A stable pelvis activates your core muscles, enhancing overall stability and power transfer with each stride.


Quick Tips for Pelvic Movement:

  1. Focus on Hip Extension: Emphasize hip extension during your running stride, allowing your pelvis to tilt slightly forward.

  2. Engage Your Glutes: Strong glutes stabilize the pelvis, preventing excessive side-to-side movements.

  3. Avoid Anterior Tilt: Be mindful of avoiding excessive anterior pelvic tilt, which can strain your lower back and hamper performance.


By being mindful of your pelvic movement patterns, you'll unlock a more efficient and balanced running experience. Strive for optimal hip mobility, engage your core, and find your pelvic equilibrium.


If you have any questions on the above or want to set up a session with one of our physical therapists to further analyze your hip mobility, call the office at 952-322-7383 or book a session online. Happy distance running!



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