Red Pill or Blue Pill

personal trainer sport performance training Jul 13, 2022

By: Duncan Roman


In life we are faced with a choice.

How to live.

Just as Neo in the matrix was “born into a bondage you cannot smell taste or touch”, we are born into our own invisible prison for our minds:

From birth so many are raised to go to school, find a job, find a spouse, buy a home, get a gym membership, and “exercise” daily to stay healthy… All to secure the future. Just to “check the box.”

Rinse and repeat. Until retirement…then what?

And they wonder why their energy sucks, results are lacking, confidence is low, and stress is high. 

The result of taking the Blue pill. Too many choose the path of secure, safe, and ignorant.

And they wonder why they’re depressed, and their body aches. 

“But I exercise!”  As if that will fix those problems alone.

They just check the box… 


Or you can take the Red Pill and enter wonderland.

See how far the rabbit hole goes. 

Play, climb, crawl, compete, explore movements, make games out of things. Turn your training into something you look forward to. 

Turn your training into something that weaponizes you, for the battle of life. 

Build your “armor” and see your confidence rise, your stress fall, your energy lasts, and your purpose resurface. 

Find your freedom from the invisible prison of a monotonous life. Train your body and your mind. 

When’s the last time you tried a somersault, a back bridge, or swung from monkey bars?

You question if you even could. Yet most of us did as kids. What happened? We “outgrew” them

You don’t outgrow movement. Our bodies are designed to move in complex ways. Our shoulders, spine, hips and limbs are made so we can swing, crawl, bend, run and jump. 


We lose those abilities because we stop doing them. 


The choice is yours. Take the blue pill and the story ends here. Or take the red pill and see the truth, find your freedom through movement.


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