In-Season Training: Our Take

sport performance training Nov 22, 2022

By: Zayne Medhaug


I’m sore.

I’m tired.

I had a really hard practice.

I have a game tomorrow.

I have homework.

I’m taking 3+ AP courses.

I have work.

I want to hang out with my friends.

The list of excuses goes on and on about why you can’t train in season. But those that truly want to be the best find a way to make training in season a priority. Even if it’s as little as one time per week. 

The goal of in-season training is to maintain the results of all the hard work you put in during the off season. Many athletes even see improvements in their PRs for 1 rep maxes, & run and jump tests. Athletes that trained at Inspired up to their season, then did no training during their season, and came back after the season saw drastic drops in their performances. Sometimes up to a 20% drop.

So if your goal as an athlete is to be at your peak performance during the most important time of the season and try to make a championship run, I highly recommend training during your season. 

“Once you learn to quit, it becomes a habit.”

Vince Lombardi/Sun Tzu


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