Hit Bombs: Increase power to add distance

golf training Feb 19, 2024

by Grant Norland

Power is a function of strength and speed - its a measurement of how fast you can produce force.  If properly channeled, increased power will lead to added distance on your golf shot.  

One of the strongest correlates to increased driving distance is vertical jump.  In short, jump higher and you'll hit the ball farther.  The more force you can generate against the ground (vertical jump) the more you can transfer to the golf club and ultimately the ball.  

Build a base of strength

If you're not someone who trains regularly, the first part of the equation is force production.  You have to be able to produce force before you can produce it quickly.  

So, if you haven't been training regularly, a good 6-8 weeks of strength training focused on gradually lifting heavier weights, particularly with your legs will be beneficial.  Exercises like squats, deadlifts, and lunges are all great and effective options.

Make strength fast

In order to develop speed, and apply strength quickly, you have to train fast.  Things like jumps, and more explosive movements with lighter resistance are good options.  Med ball throws are particularly useful for these types of exercises. 

Here's a great example of a med ball exercise that can work on explosiveness and sequencing:


And here's a good example of a box jump variation: 


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