Throwing Athletes: Developing Scapular Control

Feb 22, 2024

by Grant Norland

As we get closer to the start of baseball and softball season, it's important to prepare your arm for the intensity and volume of throwing you'll be doing through the spring and summer seasons. 

One aspect of developing a durable shoulder with efficient mechanics that will be able to withstand these stresses is scapular stability.  The scapula is your shoulder blade bone and provides the foundation for your arm to move on when you throw. 

It's very important to have good control to not only stabilize, but properly position your scapula to optimize your mechanics and minimize stress on the shoulder when throwing.  

These are a couple of great exercises that simultaneously work on scapular mechanics and stability.

1. Banded Wall Walks

These simultaneously work on proper upward rotation of the scapula as well as the external rotating rotator cuff muscles.  They look very simple, but if done correctly, you'll quickly realize they aren't easy!

Keep forearms vertical with wrists straight over the elbow.  Chest pressed away from the wall. 


2. Half Kneeling Kettlebell Bottom-Up Press

This exercise does a great job of incorporating proper posture through the core and trunk while also working on scapular positioning and overhead stability. 


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