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Ellie Buzzelle

Ellie, (aka Ellington, Ellinator), gets buckets. She was a 4 year starter, including a 3x Team Captain (2020, 2021, 2022) and 2x All-Conference selection (2020, 2021). She joined the 1,000 point club as a sophomore (2020) and finished her career as the 2nd All-time scorer in Rogers High School history with 1,855. Her favorite memory from her time at Inspired is going golfing with Madi Hicks, Duncan & Zayne and her bag falling off the cart while driving down a fairway. Also, any moment with Avery Lampe



  • Hometown: Rogers, MN
  • College Major/Future Plans: Worship Ministry, Future Worship Leader/Ministry
  • Athletic History: Rogers H.S. (2015-2022), Minnesota Fury (2019-2021), Division 1 College Basketball (2022-present) 
  • Hobbies: Playing guitar, drinking Dr. Pepper
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Ellie B.

Inspired has helped me to become a collegiate athlete while I still was in high school and prepared me for the next steps I was about to ender with my strength and fitness. In high school, they allowed me to be in my best physical shape to help me succeed and helped me with preventing and strengthening my injuries. While in college, Inspired has become a great place to know I have a gym back home to go to. They allow me to be open about the strength programs I want to work on and specific areas I need improvement on. They have also become a place for me to rehab an do PT whenever I am back home to get my body in the peak-performance shape it needs to be in order to perform at this level.